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  • Published: November 17, 2022
  • Updated: January 10, 2023
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About American National

American National was founded in 1905 and operates in all 50 states, currently providing life insurance policies for over five million individuals.

In the first quarter of 2022, American National had a net income of $108.8 million. As of March 2022, American National had $30.9 billion in assets.

In addition to life insurance, American National offers a wide range of financial products and policies, such as annuities, business insurance, health insurance, auto insurance and homeowners’ insurance.

American National is a well known insurance company. All of their ratings suggest they are a trustworthy company to buy life insurance from.

Average Rating of American National

American National has steady financial ratings from several leading credit rating agencies. Fitch Ratings, S&P Global and AM Best all rated American National with a stable financial strength outlook. Having a high financial strength rating means the company is likely to meet its financial obligations and pay claims.

2022 American National Average Rating
Fitch RatingsS&P GlobalAM Best
A (Stable)A (Stable)A (Excellent)
Life Insurance Coverage You Can Count On*.
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Life Insurance Options from American National

American National has 11 life insurance policies available, ranging from term, whole and universal. Each policy has different features — such as customizable riders — and coverage limits.

When considering an American National life insurance policy, you should always determine how much coverage you need before browsing policies. Confirm if one of American National’s policies fits your financial needs.

American National’s Life Insurance Policies
  • Signature Term
  • 5-Year Renewable Convertible Term to Age 70
  • Signature Whole Life
  • Graded Benefit Life 20-Pay Life
  • Life Paid-Up at 90
  • Life Paid-Up at 95
  • Executive Universal Life
Indexed Universal
  • Signature Performance Indexed Universal Life
  • Signature Protection Indexed Universal Life
Guaranteed Universal
  • Signature Guaranteed Universal Life

Term Life Insurance

American National offers two term life policies — Signature Term and 5-Year Renewable Convertible Term to Age 70. Both offer fixed premiums while the policy is active and can be converted into a permanent policy.

You can also customize your coverage with an accelerated death benefit rider. With this rider, you can access your death benefit while you’re still alive if you are diagnosed with a serious illness.

American National’s Term Policies
Signature Term
  • Offers term lengths of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years
  • Level premiums throughout specified term length
Five-Year Renewable Convertible Term to Age 70
  • Premiums only remain level during the first five years, then renew every five years until you’re 65.
  • After you’re 65, the policy renews for a level premium until expiring when you’re 70 years old.

Whole Life Insurance

American National offers five whole life policies that all offer lifelong coverage with a fixed premium and death benefit. There is a cash value component with each policy, which accumulates tax-deferred over time. In specific instances, you can borrow against your cash value.

American National Whole Life Policies
Signature Whole Life
  • Guaranteed fixed premiums and death benefit
  • You can potentially receive dividends
  • Policy is customizable with the Paid-Up Additions Rider
Graded Benefit Life
  • Guaranteed fixed premiums and death benefit
  • Only available for those 45 to 80 years old
  • No underwriting required
  • Within first two years, death benefit is equal to 110% of the premium
  • Full benefits for death by accident within first two years of the active policy
20-Pay Life
  • Guaranteed fixed premiums and death benefit
  • Provides lifelong protection, but premiums must be paid up after 20 years
Life Paid-Up at 90
  • Guaranteed fixed premiums and death benefit
  • Policy coverage ends once you turn 90
Life Paid-Up at 95
  • Guaranteed fixed premiums and death benefit
  • Policy coverage ends once you turn 95

Universal Life Insurance

American National offers one universal life insurance policy that provides lifelong coverage — the Executive Universal Life policy. This policy has a flexible death benefit and premiums, meaning, you can adjust the amounts in most circumstances. You can also typically adjust the frequency of your payments.

Similar to American National’s whole life policies, there is also a cash value component that grows tax deferred. You can access some of your policy’s cash value while still alive if needed.

American National’s Universal Policy
Executive Universal Life
  • Flexible premiums and death benefit
  • Accessible cash value
  • Customizable riders available

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

American National offers two indexed universal life insurance policies — Signature Performance Indexed Universal Life and Signature Protection Indexed Universal Life. Both offer lifelong coverage with a flexible death benefit and premiums. There is also a cash value component that you can borrow from.

The difference between an indexed universal and standard universal policy is that there is a component that is tied to the stock market, providing more opportunity for building wealth.

American National’s Indexed Universal Policies
Signature Performance Indexed Universal Life
  • Flexible premiums and death benefit
  • Options for fixed and indexed crediting
  • Optional riders available
Signature Protection Indexed Universal Life
  • Flexible premiums and death benefit
  • Multiple indexed strategies available
  • Optional riders available
  • Guaranteed death benefit option between ages 80 to 121

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

American National offers one guaranteed universal policy — the Signature Guaranteed Universal Life. This policy offers lifelong coverage with a flexible death benefit and premiums. You can also access your policy’s cash value in specific circumstances.

With American National’s guaranteed universal policy, you choose a guaranteed period from age 95 to 105. Your death benefit is guaranteed until the age you select, as long as you haven’t lapsed on your premiums.

American National’s Guaranteed Universal Life
Signature Guaranteed Universal Life
  • Three guaranteed periods to cash-out the policy
  • Guaranteed period to age 95 or 105
  • Guaranteed cash-out rider available on most policies

Average Cost of American National Life Insurance

American National doesn’t list estimated life insurance costs on their website. There are claims that pricing is affordable, but no quotes to confirm or make comparisons to other insurers.

American National provides a product comparison chart where term policies are marked as being affordable; all other policy types are not marked as affordable. If you are looking into a permanent policy from American National, it will likely be costly compared to a term policy.

While there is a quote tool on the website, it does not include life insurance quotes, so you should contact an agent for further information on pricing and ensure their quotes are of similar pricing to other providers.

Pros and Cons of American National

While American National does offer a wide range of life insurance policies, they don’t offer quotes online and you need to contact an agent for information. Their website can also be difficult to navigate, and information about policies isn’t easily accessible.

Pros and Cons
  • Offers wide range of policies
  • Customizable riders available
  • Stable financial outlook
  • Can’t purchase a policy online
  • No quotes available online
  • Difficult website to navigate
Last Modified: January 10, 2023

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