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How Medicare Advantage Took Over Senior Health Care

Medicare Advantage’s march to dominance is approaching a major milestone. After years of rapid growth, the majority of Medicare beneficiaries may be enrolled in a private plan as early as 2023. But the story of how Medicare Advantage took over senior health care suggests that the sky is still the limit for the program, and the growth may be far from over.

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When Your Golden Years Feel Blue: Recognizing and Battling Depression in the Elderly

Leaving the workforce behind is considered a lifetime achievement and something to plan toward. However, retirement can come with many sudden and dramatic alterations to how we live our lives. This reality can create the potential for mental health issues to develop.

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Medicare Beneficiaries in Apartment Building

Medicare Costs: Why You May Pay More for Health Care

Several factors, including age, income and health status, impact how much a Medicare beneficiary pays for health care. As federal health care expenditures rise, Medicare beneficiaries will likely see out-of-pocket costs increase in 2023 and beyond.

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