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Medical Guardian is a medical alert device company that sells several different types of products to seniors. The company is newer compared to some of the longer-running entities in the industry, but it does offer numerous options. Medical Guardian products range in-home base units to smartwatches that you can wear and use pretty much anywhere.

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  • Published: July 20, 2022
  • Updated: May 23, 2023
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What Is Medical Guardian?

Like many of its competitors, Medical Guardian offers a range of medical alert devices to help keep seniors safe. These devices typically feature some form of a panic button that you can press if you have a medical emergency or fall.

Medical Guardian was founded in 2005 and has quickly grown to offer several innovative products. The diversity and technology of medical alert systems vary from company to company, but Medical Guardian does a good job of offering several different items to fit seniors’ needs.

This includes everything from a traditional alert pendant to a smartwatch. Figuring out which item is the one that best suits you can be confusing, especially when a company sells many different versions of its products.

Medical Guardian has a product quiz built into its website that can help you narrow down your options. It does require some personal information but can push you in the right direction if you are not certain which type of product you need to be safe.

Medical Guardian's base products are reliable and some include automatic fall detection, but the company does not offer many additional services and its prices can be higher than some competitors.

What Medical Alert Systems Does Medical Guardian Offer?

Medical Guardian offers several different types of medical alert systems, both for in-home use and to be worn when you are outside of the house or on the go.

One option is the MGMove, which is a smartwatch similar to an Apple Watch. It offers an alert button right on your wrist wherever you go and may be an especially effective option for seniors who spend a lot of time outside of the home. There are some other non-alert features built into the watch as well, including a weather app, step counter and social app. The MGMove typically costs $39.95 a month.

Another option is the Mobile 2.0. It’s an alert button that syncs with the included necklace or wristwatch and you can press if something happens. It has a range of 500 feet, so you have some flexibility in the immediate area around your home. It usually costs $39.95 a month.

If you only want the alert button, consider the Mini Guardian, that you can also carry around with you and costs $39.95 a month.

Your in-home unit option would be the Home 2.0. It includes a base unit with a speaker that you place in your house and comes with a 1,400-foot range. This means you can get fairly far from your home and still be in range.

The Home 2.0 includes a necklace or wristwatch for you to press if there is an emergency. You can then speak to an operator through the speaker on the base unit. If you cannot speak or are too far away, the operator will immediately contact emergency services. The Home 2.0 typically costs $34.95 a month.

Your other in-home option would be the Classic Guardian, which is similar to the Home 2.0 but with a smaller range and cheaper price point, coming in at $29.95 a month.

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How Do Medical Guardian’s Alert Systems Work?

Medical Guardian’s systems work similarly to that of other medical alert companies.

The system is typically centered around what is essentially a panic button. Depending on the device you purchase, the button may be on a pendant you can wear like a necklace, on your wrist or part of the smartwatch interface.

If an emergency happens, such as a medical situation or a fall where you need help, then you can press the button to be connected to an operator. Depending on the device, you may be able to speak to the operator directly through the device or through a speaker on the base unit in your home.

The operator can then send emergency services or contact a family member depending on the situation. If you can’t speak or are far away from the base unit, the operator will immediately contact emergency services if they don’t get any response from you.

Operator services are available 24/7 so there is never any point in time where your system would not work or you wouldn’t be covered.

What Other Safety Services Does Medical Guardian Offer?

Some medical alert device companies offer services on top of their base products that can range from enhanced protection to things such as apps or services for caregivers.

Medical Guardian seems to mostly stick to its base products, which can all be purchased at several different price points and with some changes in service depending on the plan that you select.

There are some potential add-ons to products as well. For example, on some products you can opt to include automatic fall detection. Automatic fall detection works by being able to detect a sudden fall and no movement afterwards.

This can be a useful service because it can prevent against you not being able to call for help in the case you are unable to respond.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Medical Guardian?

There are both benefits and potential downsides to opting for a Medical Guardian device. One of the clear benefits is that it is typically a good and reliable service.

Operators are available 24/7 and the devices appear to work well with minimal issues. Reliability is key when it comes to medical alert devices since you never know when an emergency might occur and Medical Guardian checks that box.

Another useful pro is the product quiz that Medical Guardian offers on its website. For some competitors — especially those that sell many devices — it can be difficult to understand exactly which product is right for you.

The product quiz is an easy way to figure that out.

There are some potential downsides to opting for Medical Guardian as well. The prices are not exorbitant and are certainly not the highest in the industry, but they can run a little higher than some competitors that offer similar items.

Some competitors also offer more extensive auxiliary products and services on top of their base devices than Medical Guardian, including apps that can be connected to your existing tech devices or services that are aimed specifically at caregivers, not just seniors.

Last Modified: May 23, 2023

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