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Bay Alarm Medical is one of several companies that provide medical alert devices for seniors. Bay Alarm Medical sells several different types of products. This includes basic alert models and traditional alert buttons, as well as newer technology such as a smart watch and a tracking app for caregivers. Bay Alarm Medical is generally well-reviewed by customers.

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  • Published: July 5, 2022
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How Does Bay Alarm Medical Work?

Bay Alarm Medical works in different ways depending on which product you have. Their offerings range from basic alert buttons to apps and smart watches to help you feel secure in retirement life.

Generally, the service works by connecting you to a live operator with the press of a button. If you fall or have some other sort of medical emergency, pressing the button can ensure that you are instantly put in contact with someone.

The operator can speak to you to determine what has happened and then immediately contact family or emergency services.

Bay Alarm Medical also sells fall detection devices that don’t even require you to press a button. These devices work by detecting the movement of a sudden fall and contacting emergency services if there is no movement after the fall.

As far as customer service, Bay Alarm Medical’s emergency operators are available around the clock. This means that even a fall or incident during the middle of the night will be monitored with help available. The call center is active on holidays as well.

Standard customer service, for non-emergency issues or questions, is available each day but not 24/7.

Bay Alarm Medical has a variety of medical alert products, including a smartwatch. They also have a product aimed at caregivers. The company is ranked in the Top 10 of medical alert service providers.

Bay Alarm Medical Pricing

Bay Alarm Medical’s pricing varies depending on the medical alert system. One noteworthy part of Bay Alarm Medical’s pricing is that the company does not require long-term contracts in order to get a device, as some other alert system makers do.

You typically pay a month-to-month fee that ends if you cancel the service and return your items.

SOS Home Medical AlertStarts at $19.95 a month
SOS Mobile Help ButtonStarts at $29.95 a month
SOS SmartwatchStarts at $34.95 a month
Automatic Fall DetectionStarts at $10 a month
Bundle PackagesStarts at $39.95 a month

Bay Alarm Medical also offers bundle packages that might allow you to get a better deal by purchasing multiple alert devices together.

SOS Home Medical Alert

The in-home medical alert system promotes senior safety by allowing you to get help in your home if you fall or have some other sort of incident.

The main unit is similar to a landline phone speaker and has a large help button on it that you can press to be immediately connected to an operator.

It also comes with either a necklace or wristband alert button that you can press if you are not near the main unit, which can essentially be plugged in wherever you have an outlet.

According to the Bay Alarm Medical website, the price for the in-home medical alert system starts at $19.95 per month.

SOS Mobile Help Button

The on-the-go help button is a good option if you spend a lot of time outside of your home. It looks kind of like a car key fob and can be carried with you wherever you go.

It has a button you can press for help if you fall or have any other sort of emergency outside the house. It also has a 144-hour battery charge, so you don’t have to worry about it dying during a trip away from home.

The monthly price for the on-the-go help button starts at $29.95.

SOS Smartwatch

The SOS Smartwatch may be the most advanced product that Bay Alarm Medical sells. It looks and acts a lot like other smart watches. It does tell time, has a touch screen and doesn’t have to be connected to a phone or other device.

The watch has an SOS button that you can hold down to get into contact with emergency operators if something happens. It has a couple other small features as well, including a step counter.

The price for the SOS Smartwatch starts at $34.95 a month.

Bundle Packages

Bay Alarm Medical also sells bundle packages, allowing you to purchase a few different devices under a single monthly payment. This may be cheaper and more straightforward than buying the devices separately if you plan on needing more than one item.

Bundles that Bay Alarm Medical offers include the in-home medical alert system and smart watch or the in-home system and GPS button.

Prices for the bundles start at $39.95 a month.

Automatic Fall Detection

The automatic fall detection device is a useful item to have because it can call for help when you are unconscious or can’t reach a button.

The device can sense if a sudden fall occurs and if that fall is not followed by any movement — like if you are knocked unconscious — then it will automatically alert emergency services. Remember that if you fall but start to move, it will not call anyone.

It also still comes with a button that you can manually press in an emergency.

The monthly price starts at $10.

Account Manager App

The tracking feature on the Account Manager app provides caregivers a way to keep track of a senior that they are responsible for. It’s essentially a straightforward GPS app that can be downloaded onto a smartphone, letting you check the location of the senior.

This can help to alert you to an emergency or also be helpful if a senior is lost or goes missing. The app also allows the user to manage their Bay Alarm Medical account status, purchase history, emergency contacts, home entry and more.

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Features of Bay Alarm Medical

Some of the most impressive features of Bay Alarm Medical are its wide range of offerings. The different products each fit a different need and can also work well together.

The SOS Home system is easy to set up and operate and offers safety while you are in your house. The SOS Mobile help button can make sure you get help while you are out of the house.

The smart watch combines the best features of both, basically ensuring that you have a help button to press easily accessible wherever you are. The automatic fall detection can make sure you get help even in an incident where you are unconscious.

The smart watch option in particular is more advanced than a lot of the common alert devices that are available to seniors.

As with other device providers, Bay Alarm Medical does offer access to an emergency operator all day every day, including on holidays. This is obviously important to many seniors since it helps to ensure there is never a point in time where you may press your alert button but not receive any help.

Bay Alarm Medical Reviews

Bay Alarm Medical is generally well-reviewed. It tends to stand out in areas like customer service and ease of use, with the devices typically being straightforward to assemble and begin using.

U.S. News and World Report gave Bay Alarm Medical 3.7 out of 5 stars, ranking it as the fifth best medical alert system of 2023 and the fourth best for fall detection. It cited benefits such as lower costs and money-back guarantees.

PC Mag gave Bay Alarm Medical four out of five stars, citing its ease of installation and fast response times to emergencies.

Bay Alarm Medical also fares well in Google Reviews, earning an average star rating of 4.7 out of 5. The vast majority of the reviews are generally positive. Some of the negative ones typically referenced issues with delivery of the device.

Pros and Cons for Bay Alarm Medical

There are several pros to opting for a Bay Alarm Medical device. One of the main benefits is how advanced the devices are. The smart watch in particular is fairly unique and is an innovative way to offer fall prevention and easy access to emergency services.

Another major pro is the lack of long-term contracts. Some companies may require months or years-long contracts in order to purchase devices, but Bay Alarm Medical goes month-to-month. If you decide you no longer want the service, then you should be able to simply return your devices and the bills will stop.

The ease of use and setup on most devices is another pro.

But there are some potential drawbacks to opting for Bay Alarm Medical as well. One potential concern is that — while generally affordable — it can be more expensive than some other options. This is especially true since some items come with an additional initial cost on top of the monthly payments.

The lack of a long-term contract is generally a pro but could also cause problems for family members after a senior dies. One Google Review noted that the family could not figure out where the senior had put the device and Bay Alarm Medical would not stop charging a monthly fee until it was returned.

Bay Alarm Medical vs Other Medical Alert Systems

Bay Alarm Medical generally stacks up well to other medical alert systems. U.S. News & World Report ranked it fifth out of the top 10 companies and fourth for fall prevention.

The devices are generally easy to use and set up as well, while some can be more complicated. The commitment to no long-term contracts is also a major advantage over some other competitors. The ability to drop service at any time is a win for consumers.

Bay Alarm Medical is also typically well-reviewed when compared to other companies. Its customer service in particular appears to be reliable and typically helpful.

The variety of available devices is also not always the case for some medical alert companies. Bay Alarm Medical offers several different products and services, including ones aimed at caregivers and not just seniors.

There are some other brands that may have more advanced technology, however. For example, there are some services available now that don’t even require a senior to wear a device or push a button to get help. Bay Alarm Medical does not offer this type of service.

Last Modified: May 23, 2023

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