RetireGuide recently launched its new Medicare Coverage Simulator, giving readers the opportunity to better understand how the various Medicare options work together and how they will be covered.

The simulator lets users select various medical scenarios to test how different coverage options, combinations and types of Medicare would work to cover them.

“Our Medicare Simulator is a great way to learn how different Medicare plans work separately or together to cover your hospital and medical costs,” said Terry Turner, senior writer for RetireGuide. “It gives you hypothetical examples as to how Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D and Medigap plans – sometimes used in combinations – can change how much you may have to pay out of your own pocket for different, major health conditions.”

Medicare can be a complex topic to understand, but the simulator can help keep things simple. You start by selecting a scenario, like a stroke or heart attack, to learn how different Medicare options will react and see a full breakdown of how much money you would owe.

It’s a straightforward process to identify the types of coverage you might need.

“This can give you a clearer understanding of how these plans work when you talk to Medicare or a private insurer about different Medicare coverage options,” Turner said.

There are two main types of Medicare: Original Medicare from the federal government and Medicare Advantage from private insurers. The simulator covers both, as well as other types like Part D or Medigap, to help you better understand your options and make the right choice for your health care in retirement.