RetireGuide strives to provide seniors with the relevant information they need to make smart and informed decisions regarding their retirement and health. One of the ways we accomplish this goal is with the help of our expert reviewers and contributors.

Complex topics that range from Medicare to retirement planning can be confusing for everyday Americans. RetireGuide ensures that its information is of high quality and accuracy by working with experts that fact check and review the many retirement-related topics we cover.

Our reviewers — who range from tax and financial experts to retirement specialists — help guarantee that RetireGuide’s content is as comprehensive and helpful to readers as possible.

Recently, RetireGuide added several new reviewers to help with that mission.

Stephen Kates, a former full-time financial advisor with two of the largest financial firms in the United States, has helped serve as a major resource for retirees. He currently leads partner strategy for an emerging Insurtech company.

“Through my work with fintech startups, I’ve seen up close how well new technology can offer better opportunities for people to manage their finances and improve their chances for the retirement of their dreams,” Kates said on joining RetireGuide.

“As a CFP® professional, my expertise is built on a foundation of rigorous study and practice. My goal is to offer reliable advice to everyone regardless of income or assets.”

RetireGuide also recently began working with eldercare expert and best-selling author Bart Astor, who continues to be featured regularly on national platforms such as Forbes. He has served a wealth of knowledge to retirees over the years thanks to his personal experiences.

“I’m honored to be asked to join RetireGuide as a reviewer and subject matter expert,” he told RetireGuide. “I’ve written extensively about aging and retirement as a contributor for and, as well as the author of the bestsellers ‘AARP Roadmap for the Rest of your Life’ and ‘Baby Boomers Guide to Caring for your Aging Parents.’”

Kates and Astor join a growing list of reviewers and experts helping to continue RetireGuide’s mission of maintaining quality and providing the most in-depth information possible to its readers.

Other experts include Marguerita Cheng, the founder and CEO of Blue Ocean Global Wealth, as well as a former spokesperson for the AARP Financial Freedom Campaign, and Ebony Howard, who is a certified public accountant and consultant.

RetireGuide works with numerous other reviewers to maintain its dedication to accuracy and reliability.