On Dec. 14, RetireGuide published its newest feature, “When Your Golden Years Feel Blue: Recognizing & Battling Depression in the Elderly.” The project analyzes the factors that lead to depression and anxiety in older Americans, as well as the steps retirees can take to combat these problems.

“When thinking about retirement and getting older, physical health is always the main emphasis. But it’s so intertwined with mental health, which can be a huge problem for many seniors,” writer Christian Simmons said. “My goal for this feature is to help the millions of older Americans who struggle with mental health better understand what they are going through and get access to the resources they need.”

Twenty percent of older adults deal with some form of mental health issue, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With the holidays approaching and the isolating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic still felt nationwide, mental health is a particularly poignant topic right now.

RetireGuide’s mission is to provide seniors with the right resources to help them make educated financial decisions for retirement. Part of our editorial process includes getting insights from experts to provide accurate and trustworthy information to our readers.

About the Feature’s Experts

  • Daniel Jimenez, Ph.D. in clinical psychology and Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Miami
  • Dr. David Steffens, chair of UConn Psychiatry and expert in late-life depression and dementia
  • Emily Allen, Senior Vice President of AARP Foundations Programs
  • Eric Loucks, Director of the Mindfulness Center at Brown University

The feature explores the main factors and indicators that lead to mental illness, the signs that someone might be struggling and the best ways for seniors to combat and prevent depression and anxiety.
For media inquiries and collaborations, contact RetireGuide writer Christian Simmons at csimmons@retireguide.com.