John Stevenson is a distinguished wealth protection educator and Certified Financial Fiduciary®️. He has a proven track record of helping numerous individuals effectively strategize for retirement. With the dual challenge of retirees living longer and often retiring earlier, ensuring a sustainable retirement income has become a pressing concern for many seniors. John’s clientele spans teachers, business owners, executives, doctors and entrepreneurs, and none of them have ever lost money due to market fluctuations.

John is licensed nationally to offer insurance solutions tailored to his clients’ needs. He specializes in designing tax-free retirement accounts, enabling his clients to grow their wealth securely while benefiting from minimal or even zero taxes during retirement. His services are dedicated to creating a guaranteed retirement plan, rather than leaving financial futures to chance.

In addition to his advisory role, John is a renowned host of the Guaranteed Retirement podcast and YouTube channel, attracting thousands of viewers and listeners each week. His expertise in safeguarding seniors and families against financial downturns is well-recognized. He guides them on securing an income that they can’t outlive and on optimizing their tax situations. John has been featured in various publications including Think Advisor,, The Annuity Associates, Retire Village and YFS Magazine.

John cherishes time spent with his lovely wife and five children. Outside of his professional endeavors, he enjoys family time and exploring the Sierra Nevada mountains.

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