Jacob Wolinsky is a distinguished name in financial media, best known for founding and guiding ValueWalk, a top-tier platform for financial news. What began as a personal project quickly evolved into a major resource, attracting millions of visitors each month before its successful sale in 2023. His background as an equity analyst honed his skills in stock analysis and investment strategies, particularly in small-cap stocks.

Early lessons in frugality and financial wisdom shaped Jacob’s career. With 15 years of industry experience, he champions the importance of personal finance literacy, advocating for individuals to understand basic principles before diving into investments.

A prolific writer, Jacob contributes to respected financial outlets such as Forbes, Kiplinger and Kitco. His insights are frequently cited in books and academic research.

Currently, Jacob leads Hedge Fund Alpha, a subscription service known for its exclusive insights and extensive data on hedge funds. The platform is recognized for having one of the largest collections of hedge fund letters globally.

Jacob graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University and is passionate about machine learning. He is pursuing advanced data science courses with the goal of earning a Master’s degree.

Living in New Jersey with his wife and five children, Jacob enjoys reading, jogging and volunteering in his spare time.

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