Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

  • Enrollment
    Medicare has specific enrollment periods based on your birthday, current work status and major life changes. Learn how these enrollment periods impact your decision to join, switch or drop plans.
  • Medicare's "Alphabet Soup"
    Original Medicare (Parts A and B) covers many, but not all, health care services for people 65 and older. Understand how Medicare Advantage (Part C), prescription drug plans (Part D) and the various Medigap plans work, so you make the right decision for your health care needs.
  • Common
    Medicare is remarkably complex. Choosing the wrong coverage or missing enrollment windows can lead to lifetime penalties. Learn how to avoid these common mistakes made by first-time enrollees.
  • Talk to
    a Professional
    There are highly knowledgeable professionals who can help you find the best Medicare rates based on your location, health and financial needs. Get access to a free downloadable notepad with a list of 10 questions to ask an expert.

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  • Enrollment Periods
  • Medicare’s "Alphabet Soup"
  • Common Mistakes
  • Questions to Ask an Expert