Why Should You Purchase an Annuity?

  • Lifetime Financial Security - Icon
    Lifetime Financial Security
    A lifetime annuity guarantees a regular income stream for the rest of your life.
  • Tax Deferred Growth - Icon
    Tax-Deferred Growth
    Your money grows tax-deferred until you begin receiving income payments. This tax-deferral maximizes your retirement savings.
  • Money for Heirs - Icon
    Money For Heirs
    You have the option of designating a beneficiary. Ask one of our experienced financial professionals about adding a death benefit to your contract.
  • Principal Protection - Icon
    Principal Protection
    A fixed annuity is one of the safest products you can buy. Your premium payment is protected from market volatility.

Steps To Purchasing an Annuity

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    Determine your current and long-term financial needs.
    Your financial needs are unique to you and your family. Assess your goals and your financial strategy before committing to a product.
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    Select the right annuity.
    Annuities are highly customizable to accommodate your specific lifestyle and financial objectives. Ask questions to ensure you understand the features and benefits of each product you’re considering.
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    Select your provider.
    Choose an insurance carrier with a high score from credit-rating agencies such as Moody’s, S&P Global Ratings and AM Best.
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    Review your contract terms.
    Review your contract and the accompanying prospectus or illustration. Consult a trusted financial advisor if you need clarification on any of the terms or provisions, and don’t agree to anything you don’t fully understand.
  • The number 5
    Fill out the application.
    Complete the application accurately to ensure that you lock in the rate the insurer has quoted you.
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    Transfer money.
    Annuities can be purchased with cash, retirement account funds or brokerage account assets. Note that these funding sources will determine the tax status of your annuity.
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Purchasing an Annuity from Our Trusted Partner

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a $100,000 Annuity Pay Per Month?
The monthly income an annuity generates is based on a variety of factors that include the type of annuity, the length of the contract and the annuitant’s age and sex. For example, a 70-year-old man with an additional life expectancy of 15 years who buys a fixed immediate annuity with a $100,000 premium could expect monthly payments of roughly $563.
How Much Would a $250,000 Annuity Pay Per Month?
If a 71-year-old woman who is expected to live another 16.3 years buys a fixed immediate annuity with a premium payment of $250,000, her monthly income stream would be an estimated $1290.42 – depending on the terms of her contract. This estimate varies with age and sex.
How Do You Calculate Annuity Payments?
Insurance carriers use a formula for determining annuity income benefits. This formula includes the premium amount, annual interest rate, number of payments each year and length of the contract. Most online annuity calculators estimate income payments based on the premium amount, a fixed annual interest rate and the life expectancy of the annuitant.
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